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Bespoke Web Design versus Website Templates

There are so many ways these days in which you can design your website. I want to talk today about two fundamental approaches to web design. That is bespoke web design and the use of website templates.

What is a Website Template?

In order to speed up the web design process, many companies use what is known as a template. This means that the layout, structure, colours and overall design are already created in a format where you can simply drop in your company information. The advantages of this method is that it usually works out (and should work out) as a much cheaper way of having a website designed for your business.

It also means that the quality of design can be much higher than one would expect for the price that you pay as the original designer is being rewarded by many people buying their design instead of just one.

The disadvantages are that there is a possibility that the structure is too rigid and could mean that you have to compromise in some of your requirements for the website. The other potential problem is that there could be hundreds of websites that now look very similar or absolutely identical to your website.

This is unlikely to affect you unless a local competitor decides to buy the same website template as you, purely by conicidence.

What is bespoke web design?

This is the way in which we at Net Quality Web Design Nottingham create websites for our customers. We start off with a blank screen and work with you to decide how the website will look and function. The choices are unlimited because we are starting from scratch and it means that you will never have to compromise on your requirements.

Fortunately, we can do this in a way that keeps web design as affordable. At the time of writing a bespoke website can be designed from us for as low as £395.00.

That is the principle on which Net Quality Web Design Nottingham was created. We create flexible, effective and unique websites for all of our customers at an affordable price.

So which is best?

We believe that the prices for which we offer web design, we have taken out the need to go to off-the-shelf website templates because we have made individual bespoke web design something which is affordable.

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