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Beware the Domain Name Renewal Group Scam

I received an official looking document today, designed to look like an invoice and it was from Domain Renewal Group. It invited me to take advantage of their "best savings" . These "savings" amount to a charge that is five times what I am currently paying for these domain names.

In the middle of all the blurb on this document they do admit that "this notice is not a bill" but this dishonest bunch of crooks have designed the remainder of the document to look very much like a bill.

Scammers like this make me angry

With all the effort this company has put into setting themselves up in business, why is it that they have chosen this crooked route? Many large companies have set up in business as genuine domain name registration services and they are rightly making a lot of money by providing a service.

What this company is doing is to stay just a hair's breadth within the law and provides absolutely zero service to businesses. All they are doing is taking advantage of technically naive individuals and charging them far more than the going rate for such a service.

How can I spot the scammers?

If a company you have never heard of sends you a bill, then they are most likely scammers. I can say without hesitation that if you get a letter from Domain Renewal Group then it should go straight through your shredder.

When your domain name is due for renewal, the company with whom you registered the name will contact you and this will usually be by email. The costs should also be roughly similar to what you oaid to register the domain name. As a guide you should expect to pay:

If you host your website with Net Quality Web Design Nottingham then we will take control of this (and fend off Domain Name Renewal Group's letters) on your behalf. The costs are covered in the monthly hosting fees because just like them, we want to earn money. However unlike them, we want to do it by providing a value for money service to Nottingham businesses.

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