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The diversity of businesses in Nottingham is astonishing

I have been designing websites since 1999 but it was in 2005 that I broke free from the corporate world and set myself up as a web designer in Nottingham. One of the most amazing and unexpected benefits of my work in website design was the sheer diversity there is of business types in Nottingham that I come across.

Not all business ideas have already been thought of

I was reminded of this today while reading an article online about a new Nottingham business that has taken on the popular world of false nails by providing a service that allows you to put pictures on the extensions. There are ready made designs or you can upload your own photo. It just goes to show, that although many business ideas have already been thought of, there is plenty of room for plenty more ideas.

When I started in self-employment I was exposed to many different business owners in the Nottingham area. Many of these people were running traditional businesses such as sign manufacturing, car hire and hairdressing. Although these are traditional businesses, they are each very different from the other. This is even more apparent when you realise that I once created a website for a church and at the same time had created an ecommerce site for lingerie sales. I even once created a website for a company who manufactured PA and alarm systems that were explosion-proof as they were intended for use on oil rigs!

Established or out of this world, it doesn't matter

So if you are thinking of starting your own business in Nottingham, please remember that the only limitation is your imagination. You might be suited to a traditional business such as a pub or a newsagents. They are both essential parts of the local community. However, if you want to look for something that bit different, no matter how many ideas you think have been created already, you too can come up with a new idea. The range of choice is enormous and that makes creating a new business exciting.

So I will always be glad that I went into the web design business. I have met many customers with an unbelievable array of different businesses. And as long as I continue in this trade, I cannot wait to find out which unusual business is the next one which I come across. You never know, it might be yours!

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