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How to Succeed in Business

I find myself essentially writing the same article again and again, or at least wanting to cover the same subject again and again, as this is something with which I have become obsessed. It is about the simplest way to succeed in business and indeed in many other areas of your life. And that is simply to get out there and do it.

I was reminded of this because a friend sent me a link to a YouTube video recently:

In this video, Amy talks about ways of building up confidence when dealing with stressful situations such as job interviews. I recommend watching the video in full but in summary, it's about deliberately changing your body language to that of a confident extrovert person and this act alone can increase your confidence. So you take a trait of a confident person and you mimic the trait to become that person.

Time to Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

This makes total sense to me and it comes under that category of methods that tell you to stop dreaming, stop talking about it, stop fretting over it and stop thinking about all the reasons it might go wrong, just get out there and do it.

As a web designer in Nottingham I get to meet lots of people in business from the least to the most successful. What the most successful people have in common might come as a surprise to you. It is not the most intelligent. It is not the smartest or best looking. It is not the most dynamic and erudite people who succeed. It is always those people who just decide to go out there and do it. Yes you have to think things through and plan but it is surprising how many people do so without seeing it through and actually doing it.

Have yiou ever thought about writing a book? Many people have.thought about it but most have not bothered  Neither J K Rowling nor E L James came from a background from where you would expect the most successful authors to come. What separates them from the crowd is that they went through with their dreams and aspirations. I am not saying they are not talented authors as they most certainly are. But I am sure there are many other equally talented authors who have never put pen to paper.

Starting Out in Business

Indeed when I first took the courage to give up a well paid and secure job to become a web designer, I found that just the act of doing so attracted business to me. Marketing is important and it was necessary for my business to succeed but in the beginning i found customers coming to me simply due to the fact that I had set myself up and told the world I was now a web designer.

I wasn't faking being a web designer you understand, that was a skill which I had already learned. But without a portfolio i did show a confidence that I could succeed without any evidence for this and people believed me. That confidence was well founded and now I have a long hisory of success stories with websites I have created for people.

We all have to start somewhere

So I beseech all of you out there who have dreams and aspirations. Plan for it, think about it and weigh up the pros and cons. Once you have done this and most importantly of all, get out there and do it!

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