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Finding the Right Name for Your Business

An Article by Net Quality Web Design Nottingham

The perfect way to introduce this subject is to talk a little bit about how we came to be named Net Quality

When we were thinking up new names for our venture, we were playing with the phrase "Information Super-highway"; a phrase that was coined much during the early days of the Internet.  We decided that we would choose a name that represented a British slant on this phrase and came up with the name "Net Motorway".

As we were familiar with the reason behind our name we were very happy with it.  However, we made one fundamental mistake; we did not ask anyone else what they thought of the name.

Before you commit your New Business to its new name
make sure you try it out on a few people first!

It only slowly dawned on us after a few weeks of using the name that we were constantly explaining its meaning whenever we introduced ourselves.  People often asked if we specialised in sites for Motorway Services!  Thus the brave decision was taken to find a new name even though we had already been using the old one for some time.

When we arrived at the moment to think of the new name we found it was a very difficult task.  Even though we had some very good ideas, the Internet domain name had invariably been taken.  Even more infuriating is the fact that these names were not being used for a legitimate business but rather by someone hoping to make a quick killing by selling the domain name.

The other consideration is whether you go for a straightforward name that says exactly what you do or a beautiful phrase perhaps that could be used for any type of business.

Here are a few of the names we thought of along the way:

Liatu Web Design

I liked this name because a 5-character domain name was free (maybe it still is!) and the initials stood for "Leave It All To Us".  However, we decided against it as it was too vague.

Integro Web Design

The Latin word integro means "to make whole".  A fine sentiment but rather obscure.

Opulent Eye Web Design

This is a good example of a name that we liked a lot but when we asked friends and aquaintances what they thought, we received a negative reaction.

Net Quality

The name we settled on was a nice simple phrase that said exactly what we want to represent.  We offer a quality Internet Web Design service and the new name has been very well received.


The most important piece of advice we can offer to people who are choosing a new name for their business is don't become too attached to any of your ideas.  Ask as many people as you can what they think of the name and if the response is not good, be prepared to drop it!

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