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With Just Five Small Changes, You Could Transform Your Website

Small businesses are always looking for ways to keep their business fresh and interesting for old and new customers alike. Nowadays, your business's website is a vital part of all your business marketing and keeping it working for you is really important.

You may have a website that is working for you and you may be satisfied with the results you are getting. However, no matter how good something is, there is always room for improvement. But that improvement need not involve lots of work nor lots of expense. Sometimes it is worth making a few tweaks that can give you marked results in a short space of time.

Maybe you are not ready for rebranding or a complete overhaul of your website, but here are five quick things you could do today that could really make a difference:

1. Check your website for dead links

Dead links are a killer for websites. They do not create a good impression when your visitor clicks it and perhaps more importantly, they do not create a good impression with Google. If Google finds dead links on your website it will certainly push you further down the search results pages because they think you are not taking care of your website.

Search Google for something called "Xenu Link Sleuth". It is a great piece of free software that will check your whole website for broken and dead links. It takes less than a minute to run for all but the biggest of websites and quickly identifies any areas where changes are required.

2. Update some of your images

Photos are really important for all websites. They can transform a dull, flat website and make it look colourful and alive, even with the addition of one photo. Regular visitors to your website will be used to seeing the same old photos.

Go to a stock website and invest a few pounds in some replacement photos. It can really spruce up your site and give it an instantly refreshed look.

3. Put a special offer or competition on your home page

Something simple like this can give a boost to your business. Put a popular service or product in a special promotional offer and advertise it prominently on your home page. This can really excite visitors and can do wonders for generating your business.

4. Make sure your telephone number is prominent

If there is one thing that makes a company look trustworthy on the Internet, it is that they make their phone number prominently available on every web page. People trust companies who allow you to speak to a human within that company and a prominent telephone number will help engender this trust.

It is also useful because a significant number of your visitors will be existing customers simply looking for your telephone number. So make sure they see it straight away.

5. Add some new content

If you can't think of anything then just add a paragraph of text to one of the pages. Both visitors and Google love new content. Better still, add a whole new page to cover a service or product that is not shown elsewhere or only mentioned briefly.

And best of all, if you have time, add new content every day. Within a few months your small website becomes a large website and is therefore viewed as more important by your customers and also by Google.

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