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Beware False Promises

An increasing problem we have noticed at Net Quality Web Design Nottingham is that an increasing number of our customers are receiving unsolicited telephone calls and emails from companies who promise to get you onto page one of Google. There is a simple truth to this, it is not true. They are lying. Let me emphasise this even more, do not under any circumstances believe them. I think i should start by pointing you to an article on Google's own website that tells you form the horse's mouth that such promises are completely false.

So why do they make these claims?

They say this to get your money. It is as simple as that. Against my advice, I have had a few clients who sign up to these services. The results were, without exception, both poor and expensive. There are many tricks that they use to convince you that what they are doing is worthwhile. The first is to convince you that they are creating many inbound links to your website and they might tell you to enter this into Google:


And this may show hundreds and possibly thousands of links into your website. However, if you remove the space between the colon and the www you will find the results are entirely different. Try it for yourself on your website. As of today (28 April 2011) I tried this with and the first search revealed 46,200 results and when I removed the space between the colon and the www it revealed just 24 results. This is just one of the many ways in which they will lie to you.

It can be som tempting to believe someone who guarantees to get you onto page one of Google but as soon as you hear somebody say this then you can be sure that anything else they may say will be just plain lies to try and get your business.

So how do I get to page one on Google?

Whilst nobody can guarantee you will get onto page one, it should still be a goal for you and your web designer to work towards. We can give you much advice to help you improve your search results position for important key phrases. We also design websites with the search engines in mind to ensure that your website has he best chance possible of getting to the top.

However, what I will never do is make any promises in this regard. In fact, I always make it a point to emphasise that we can make no such promises. And I hope that after reading this article, you will no longer believe anyone who promises to get you onto page one of Google.

Oh, and by the way...

The reason that my customers are receiving these unsolicited calls and emails is because these companies found them on the search engines! Think about it...

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