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Now this may strike you as a strange subject for a web designer to put on his website. But I felt compelled to give advice in this area as there are many popular myths about web designing and I wanted to put a few matters straight.

So many of my customers come to me as the result of wasted time and expense in wetting up their own website. Whilst any source of business is welcome, it is such a shame that people go through the experience of wasting their time and money when this could have been avoided if good advice had been available in the first place.

Why Should I Design My Own Website?

Net Quality Web Design Nottingham prides itself on being able to provide a stylish and effective website at a very low cost. Even so, there are start-up businesses where cash is very tight and even at our very reasonable rates, a bespoke website could stretch resources beyond what they can withstand. So if you are good with a PC and have the time but not the money, then designing your own website is a reasonable course of action to take.

What Software Should I Use to Design My Own Website?

My first piece of advice is to avoid two of the most popular programs available to do this for you. Microsoft Front Page has not been available for some time but is still very popular with many amateur designers. The websites it makes are at best very inefficient and at worst a security risk from hacking. I advise you avoid this software like the plague.

The most popular software is Adobe Dreamweaver. This software is quite efficient in the right hands but it is also very expensive. It takes a long time to learn so you spend all the time and effort without any of the cost savings. It is possible to have a website professionally designed by us for a roughly similar cost to buying this software.

So if you are to go ahead, I would recommend any one of these three routes:

  1. Use notepad and learn HTML and CSS from scratch using the W3 Schools website. This is an excellent resource and teaches everything you need to know from the simplest HTML website right up to a database driven website written in PHP and MySql. You will need to be a quick learner but this is an excellent way to design your website as well as increase your skills.
  2. Install Wordpress. Many web hosts allow you to install Wordpress without too much effort. Although originally designed as an easy way to create a blog, it is perfectly possible to design your own website using this software. Another possibility is Joomla although this is slightly more difficult to set up.
  3. Use our sister company, AB Publish to create your own website. It is low cost and everything is done online. This is the least technically challenging way to set up your own website and the results can look great.

And What if I Cannot Do Any of These Things?

Then come to Net Quality Web Design Nottingham. From only £395 you can have a great looking website set up for you because if you are setting up in business, a website is an absolutely essential part of any business.

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