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Turn a Bad Day GoodHow to turn a bad day good

We all have them every now and then - bad days!

These can be caused by many different reasons, nearly all of which are outside our control. However there is almost always something that can be done to temper these days, and to give any negative feelings a more positive shine.

One example is what I am going through at the moment in writing this article. For the first time in many years I have a headache and I also have a deadline to meet - that of finishing this article. 10 minutes ago I was sorely tempted to turn off my PC and explain that I was feeling too groggy to work, or to lie and say I had forgotten about writing the article, or even worse, to make up a story about how I have to rush off home now and therefore put off the task until tomorrow.

However, I also know the joy I get when completing a task (whether it is writing an article like this; visiting a client for our Nottingham based web design agency to discuss his organisation’s needs; or completing a Web Design for a small business and hearing that he is overjoyed with the website)

I therefore decided to slog on and fight to produce something. It is true that the subject of this article is not as in-depth as a technical review of the Search Engine Optimisation of a Business Website or an analysis of what constitutes An Ideal Landing Page from Google Ad-Words, but it is something that I believe in and that I can relate to.

Already I am feeling better just by working away on these words and not sitting feeling sorry for myself. Also, as I get closer to the finish line, I can almost feel the excitement swell inside.

So, whenever you are faced with a bad day full of tasks that you really cannot cope with, just try and do a little and see how it goes. Usually you will be amazed by how much less the actual work involved is compared to the amount imagined before starting. The added bonus is the feeling of achievement will be even greater when the task is complete...

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