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Keep in Touch With Your Customers on Your Website

A few weeks ago I added a live chat facility to Net Quality's website. The thinking behind it is that I want to encourage visitors to my site to contact me. That is why I publicise my telephone and fax numbers on every page, I offer a call back service, a contact form, an email address and even a link to chat on Skype. All these are good but I think it is a great addition to give them the chance also to click on Live Chat software. it is something which I believe can help Nottingham businesses in making really good use of their website.

What is Live Chat Software?

There are two parts to the software, firstly there is the chat server which you can really consider as the communications hub that is accessible by you and visitors to your website at the same time. The second part is a program that runs on your PC and connects with this hub so that when someone initiates a chat from your website, you receive an instant audible warning that a chat has started which you can accept and then join them to answer any questions.

Who should use Live Chat Software?

Any Nottingham business wishing to engage with visitors on their website. You will get to see visitors in real time and can even follow which pages they are viewing on your website. When the visitor contacts you, you will already know how many times they have visited your website before giving you a clear indication of how new you are to them.

Who should NOT use Live Chat Software?

It should never be used by anyone who is not able to attend a PC during all or most of business hours. It is better to have no Live Chat facility on your website than it is to show the option but that nobody is online.

How much does Live Chat Software cost?

We recommend using Livezilla chat software which is entirely free. However, it does take some knowledge to set it up and also takes resources on which to run the communications hub. Net Quality Web Design Nottingham can set up the software on a hub for you and all it costs is £12 per month to keep it going. It will cost more than this if your website gets more than 500 visitors per day on average but if this is the case, paying slightly more than £12 per month is not going to be too difficult.

Setting it up is very easy and very quick and implementing it on your website is also easy. If your website was not designed by Net Quality there may be a charge to add the code to the pages on your website if they were designed in such a way that it is difficult to do a mass update. For all websites designed by us, the code is added to pages for free.

So at such a small cost, your Nottingham Business website could be offering your customers a live chat option in no time at all and at such a low cost, it is worth contacting us today to get it installed for your business.

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