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When I started Net Quality back in 2005, demand for websites in Nottingham was quite straightforward. Most small businesses either had a brochure type website or a database drive ecommerce website that allowed them to control products which were sold online.

The Internet is Evolving

However, times are changing and Internet use is becoming ever more sophisticated and many businesses could make much better use of their website than at present.

The earliest and simplest form of integration, is a contact form. The visitor to your website fills in the form with their name, email address and other details and you receive an email back at your business and can reply to or call that customer. It is a useful method as it means you do not have to publich your email address which could be harvested for spam. This is the most basic way in which your website can communicate with the systems in your office.

A website is a modern thing but our use of it can be surprisingly antiquated

Another way, is for sales data from an ecommerce site to be imported into your accounting and/or stock control systems. This automates many tasks involved in selling online and can save your business a lot in the long term. Such communications between different applications are becoming much easier now thanks to standardised data formats such as XML.

Many Nottingham businesses still process orders from the Internet either manually or they transfer the data using manual methods. The increasing sophistication of back-office software and the capabilities of websites means this can now become a thing of the past.

Net Quality Can Help Nottingham Businesses Integrate Their Websites With Their Systems

We specialise in database driven websites. Our background is also in running back office systems that have to communicate with other types of systems. So if you call us, I am sure we can hel you and your business by helping you automate the tasks carried out between your business and your website. The efficiency savings this can bring to your business are very big.

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