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Mobile Apps & Websites for Your Small Business in Nottingham

I knew when I started in web design all those years ago that I would be in an ever changing world. Little did I realise just how much that world would change. Back in the days of those slow connections through dialling up your Internet Service Provider that within a few short years most of our music would be online and many of us would start watching TV and films online. The pace is breathtaking.

Despite the scale of change, much of it was predictable. What I think was less predictable was the advent of mobile Internet access and smartphones. I remember when WAP first come out (a language to develop websites for mobile phones). It was simply unimpressive and although some businesses gavie it a go, the results were so disappointing that very few customers actually used it. It seemed at the time, even with the advent of the 3G network, that Internet access would remain the domain of the PC or laptop.

However, since the Blackberry and the iPhone came along, Internet access through mobile devices has rocketed. So many small business owners now regularly use their mobiles to get their emails and many more use them to book tables in restaurants and seats in cinemas and theatres. So as a small business owner in Nottingham, you might be wondering what you need to do for your business.

Mobile App or Mobile Website?

The first question you need to consider is whether you need a mobil app or a mobile website. An app is a computer program designed to run on a handheld device and is something which the user must download and install. Unless your business has very special requirements it is unlikely that you will need an app creating. Not only can it be quite expensive but you will need one app creating for each different type of phone (iPhone, Android etc).

Mobile Website Design Nottingham

Most websites work well on handheld devices as they have easy methods for zooming in on specific areas. However, a website that is designed specifically with handheld devices in mind will be much easier for mobile users to use, saving them for searching round the page for something.

Such websites have to be thoughtfully planned out to make the pages as economic as possible in terms of use of space whilst ensuring that everything is still easy to find.

Call us today for advice as to how we can develop something for your business to have a great looking mobile website.

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