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Websites that are great "under the bonnet"

Ever since we at Net Quality started to design websites, we decided from the very start that we would follow the very strict guidelines for XHTML. This would have two benefits for our customers, it helps consistency of layout between different types of browsers and different operating systems and by separating content from layout, it also ensures that a website is accessible to those with disabilities.

It is something to which we have stuck rigidly ensuring that the quality of the websites we design is of the highest standard both in terms of look, feel and functions as well as how they work in the background.

A new standard is in the process of being adopted and it is called HTML5. We believe this is a very exciting time in the development on the Internet and this standard has already been grasped by Google Chrome and to a lesser extent by Opera and Firefox. As usual, Microsoft are trailing behind with Internet Explorer although the new version 9 of this browser has taken great strides forward in this regard.

What can HTML5 do for me?

The potential of HTML5 is enormous and is designed to make websites more interactive than ever before. Standardising video and audio presentations (without the need to resort to expensive proprietary software such as Adobe Flash) and will make the web a more interesting place both in terms of aesthetic values as well as great leaps forward in terms of functions.

What can HTML5 do for existing customers of Net Quality Web Design?

Existing clients of Net Quality Web Design Nottingham need not worry. Right from the off we have designed websites to the exacting standard of XHTML which means your website functions in a fast efficient and consistent way.

What can HTML5 do for new customers of Net Quality Web Design?

New clients can rest assured that we at Net Quality continue this hight standard in the design of websites by adopting HTML5 very early in its development. We will constantly keep up to date both with its capabilities and more importantly with the capabilities we can exploit due to widespread adoption in the web browser market.

Don't expect too many changes to begin with. Apart from Google Chrome, HTML5 adoption by browsers is quite slow. However, it is happening and we will be seizing the opportunity to make good use fof the many advantages HTML5 has to offer.

We will keep you updated as progress continues.

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