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A great business email service

Among the many services we offer at Net Quality Web Design Nottingham is email which is of course one of the basic offerings expected from any website designer. Most businesses require fixed access to email at their place of business and this involves setting up the email account in software such as Outlook, Windows Mail or Thunderbird.

Accessing email on the move

Hoever, there are many Nottingham business owners who have to be mobile and it is much more convenient to access email using a web browser. The obvious advantage of this method is that it allows you to access your email on any Internet connected PC. This allows you a great freedom if you need access to your business emails in different locations.

The email service that we offer does include a Webmail facility called Horde. It is an industry standard web based email that will offer you all of the basic functions that you need. What we cannot compete with, is a great interface created by one of the boggest companies in the world, Google.

We offer full business email integration into Google Mail

The good news is that we not not have to compete with them. It is easy to integrate your Net Quality email address fully into Google Mail. And there is no downside to this. Google Mail is free and offers a superb interface which can also be used on many smart-phones. Also, the way we can help you integrate it at Net Quality means that the people with whom you exchange your emails see the full business email address and there is no sign that it has come from Google.

So if your are a customer of Net Quality feel free to contact us today if you feel that this facility could be useful for you. And if you are not yet a customer, feel free to contact us and we can talk with you about the facilities that our business can offer you.

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