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Responsive Web Design for Mobile Phones and Tablets

I have written many times before about how the web design world is one which is changing rapidly. Most recently, there has been an enormous change in the types of devices that people use to surf the Internet with the dramatic rise in sales of Internet enabled mobile phones as well as iPads and other tablet devices.

I still remember only a few short years ago when the first Internet enabled mobile phones hit the market. The first type to hit used something called WAP. This was a specific language for writing websites specifically for mobile phones. It never took off. For example, I was a web designer in Nottingham right throughout this period and I never learned to set up pages in WAP. This never harmed my career as in all those years I never received one request to set up a website for mobile phones.

The other type of device accessed a normal web page. This was equally unpopular because all websites were optimised for ever increasing PC monitor sizes making it very difficult to view on a tiny screen. There were several zoom options but this was a time before the touch screen and it was not easy to use. Therefore, there were not any web designers who would optimise their websites for such devices as it would be a whole lot of work for a very small number of website visitors.

The iPhone and iPad changed everything

Then it all changed. All of a sudden, the iPhone came along with its touch-screen and the genius invention of pinch-to-zoom. Now websites were easily accessible on your mobile phone. A couple of years later the iPad came along and people were now viewing websites in Portrait for the first time but initially, not many websites looked good in this format.

The iPhone and iPad proved so popular the other phone manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung soon joined the revolution and all of a sudden, many websites were being viewed in screen sizes and orientations that were so recently viewed as bizarre.

So how do I optimise my website for a mobile phone?

I have decided that this is an important change in the world of the Internet and have therefore devised a way of incorporating something known as Responsive Web Design to any new designs I create. What this involves is creating a traditionally laid our website for large PC monitor sizes as these are still the most popular. But as the size of the screen changes, so does the layout of the website in order that it becomes more suitable for the device that is viewing the web page.

This is now incorporated in all my new designs and I can offer conversion of your existing website for a very modest fee.

Do not wait to change your website to a responsive layout, for the time is now.

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