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Something which we are keen to promote more to our customers is those special customisations and integrations many modern businesses need. Most businesses are still happy with a brochure type website that encourages visitors to call them or visit them and even many e-commerce customers are happy with a website that gives them orders that can be printed off and then dealt with the old-fashioned way.

However, it could be that your business now has greater requirements and this is where we can step in.

First, the technical bits

PHP and MySql

We specialise in websites that run on Linux Servers running PHP and MySql. This might be important to you but even if it is not, the simple description of this is that we can build powerful database applications that mean the website can be dynamic (interacting with the user) and can easily pass data between your office software and back. We are specialists in this area and can pretty much design what your budget will allow.

ASP and .NET

You may have a system that runs on ASP (very old) or the much more modern .NET on a Windows server. Whilst we have skills in this area we no longer offer development for these types of websites because we feel the future lies in the much more robust and speedy Linux envronment. However, we are skilled at transferring sites that currently run on Windows platforms to a Linux platform. This means that your website can be configured to work on the much simpler and flexible system (and a system for which there are many more developers) without interruption to your website's services and search engine rankings.

Now the interesting bits

Examples of applications

It may be that your business uses an invoicing package such as Sage or Kashflow and you need the orders on your website importing into the package. Each software package has its own requirements for data layout. We can format the data in any required layout and work with you to develop the slickest systems for transfer of data.

Maybe your business requires a booking facility. We could develop the whole thing to work with your eisting booking facility, again developing the most efficient way to handle the exchange of data.

Your own web based software

We have gone even further than that for some customers. Instead of buying software and running it on PCs, we can develop systems for you to handle ordering, booking, stock control, invoicing, accounting and much more. All your employees would need is access to an Internet enabled PC or smart-phone and access becomes global. We would couple such an installation with all our extensive knowledge in Internet security ensuring that your business data is safe at all times.

So call us today on 0115 963 6589 to see how we can help you with any specialised requests for your business.


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