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Style versus Accessibility in Today's Web Design

An Article by Net Quality Web Design Nottingham

One of the toughest balances that today's Small Businesses and their Web Designers have to strike is that between style and accessibility.

Everybody in business today wants their website to stand out from the crowd.  This means that Web Designers like Net Quality must ensure that every site they design is truly stylish.

Balanced against this is the legal requirement to ensure that the site is accessible by all users including those who cannot see very well, those who are colour blind and those who are totally blind.  In order to allow such users to read a web page there are many software applications that out there to help them as well as settings within the browsers themselves.

For instance, they may simply wish to increase the size of the font or they may use a fully fledged conversion program that will read the web page to them.

The secret of good Web Design is to strike a balance between style and accessibility

There are many examples of Web Design at the extremes of this balance.  Some of today's modern sites present the user with an elaborate display of animation, sounds and colours.  They can create an exciting experience for the majority of able surfers and allow the business-owner to show off their stylish website.

However, unless such a site offers a clean HTML alternative, they are preventing many users whose sight is not perfect access to the site.

At the other end of the scale, a site could be designed with an extremely simple design with very little dictated regarding font types sizes and colours.  However, if a web designer was to design such a site, they would be unlikely to be very successful.

Net Quality always strive to maintain a fair balance between a Stylish Web Site and Accessibility for all

So how do Net Quality Web Design deal with this dilemma?  Our sites are hand-coded by experts ensuring that the content is laid out in a logical fashion ensuring that users who use specialist software to read web pages for them will be able to navigate the web site with ease.

Also, by following the World Wide Web Consortium's standards we separate content from presentation.  This means that those users with special needs can switch off all of the presentation features and read the site in the colours and size of their choice.

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