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When I started out in Web Design I had a very clear vision as to what I wanted to do. I knew I could create websites for much less than my competitors and at the time (2005) there was a real need for small businesses to have an affordable way to get their business online.

So my plan was to create lots of small affordable websites. Just simple brochure websites that looked great. I didn't plan to create ecommerce sites or other complicated dynamic sites. I had my vision, pile 'em high and sell 'em cheap.

Life is What Happens When You're Making Other Plans

John Lennon famously said this and the same could be said for business. Because right from the off, my customers were requesting ecommerce websites and dynamic complex websites and I quickly realised I would have to change my business plans if I were to succeed.

It's About You, Not About Me

This was a pivotal moment in my business career. Determination is an essential asset to succeed in business but there is a big difference between determination and flogging a dead horse. Fortunately, I realised that my business would only succeed if I shaped my services to what my customers wanted rather than what I wanted. So it is all about you and not at all about me.

Business Plans Are Still Important

Saying this makes it look as though I think you should not make a business plan. On the contrary, you have to offer something unique to the customer in order to succeed and without a plan, you will be directionless and your business would be doomed to failure, or at best, reliant entirely upon luck.

So a business plan is still essential but whatever you do, do not write it in stone. You should be constantly looking at what your customers want and need and reshaping your plans as necessary.

It is a changing world in which we live and this is even more true for those of us who work in the IT industry.

Web Design Services I Offer

So I can still offer small brochure websites at an affordable price. I also offer a unique and powerful ecommerce package for those of you who wish to sell online. Not only that, the skills I have learned means I can offer you just about anything you want in terms of web design. From complex booking systems to fully fledged back office systems integrated with accounting systems.

Whatever it is that you want, my focus will always be on you, the customer.

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