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Web Design is easy to get right - and wrong

Many aspects of web design are merely opinion. A colour to one person may look stylish and to another, may look garish. Like any kind of design, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. However, despite this, there are still certain rules that must be followed and not to do so, could spell disaster for your website and the purpose for which it was created.

1. An example of the best in web design - crisp clean and clear

It is tempting to cram everything important to you on the home page of your website. There may be 100 things you want to tell your customers about your business. Whilst such pride in one's business is admirable, you must choose the top one or two messages from this large list. It must be clear immediately what your business is at a glance of your home page. A nice crisp clean and clear design is what always works best with a clear message to the visitor what it is that you do.

2. An example of the worst in web design - music and sounds

This is one of the most popular features requested and my first question is why? Do Amazon use sound, does Google use sound? No they do not and the reason they do not is that it is extremely irritating for the visitor, especially if there is no obvious way to switch off the tune or sound effect that is playing.

There is a place, of course, for sound to exist on the website for a purpose. The perfect example of this is a website for a singer or a music group. But even for these guys the best way to implement the sound is in a way that the visitor chooses where or not to play the music and to give them full control over playing, pausing and changing the volume.

3. An example of the best in web design - a nicely illustrated website

Ever since it has been possible to put photos on web pages, it has always been true that a website with photos and graphics looks infinitely more attractive than one without. Better still, if those photos tell your visitor something about your business then so much the better.

Your web designer should be able to design some nice graphics on your site for illustration purposes as well as practical purposes such as menu buttons and background.

4. An example of the worst in web design - hiding behind style

This practice still exists although it is thankfully less common than a few years ago. Artistic businesses were usually the main sinners here in that they wanted their website to look completely different to any other website. Menu options were hidden behind stylish but obscure graphics which would instigate time consuming animations. Never forget how impatient visitors to your website are. Tell them where things are on your website by clear navigation and when they make that selection, take them there immediately!

Good Web Design Advice

We have many years experience at Net Quality Web Design on which we can draw to ensure your website is effective and follows the best in web design. Let us guide you through the process so that you can enhance your business today with a successful website.

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