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A different approach to marketing your Nottingham business

When you market and advertise your Nottingham business, you want everyone who sees that publicity to believe that they must go to you for your product or service and all your competitors think in the same way. The result of this is advertising produces another world where we accept unrealistic claims because no matter how exaggerated they are, we understand why companies use them.

We are the number one web design company in Nottingham

I want to tell you that Net Quality Web Design is the best web designer in Nottingham. In fact, I want to tell you that we are the best in the UK! And I am sure that all the other web designers in Nottingham want to say the same thing.

The truth is that not only is it the case that not everyone can be the best, there is no true way of measuring who is the best. So the situation in which we find ourselves is that we and all our competitors are all making claims that we are the best, we are the only ones who care about our customers and that we differentiate ourselves from our competitors because we believe in customer service.

With a few exceptions, we all care about our customers

Whilst there are poor performers in any industry, it is rare that there is one company who stands out in their field. Most competitors are doing their best to provide the best possible service at the best possible price in order to ensure that profit is made. So when I see claims about differentiating from the competition I take it with a pinch of salt. Most companies say things like this but it means nothing.

Saying you are number one in your profession might affect customers subconsciously but again it means nothing because there is never a way of measuring which company is number one.

So what messages mean something?

I believe that you can differentiate yourself from your competitors not by what you do but by what you say. Instead of giving out empty statements it is better to say something that is not only subconsciously positive but also actually means something. Phrases like these:

This way you are getting two bites at the cherry. The messages are still subliminally positive but they are also meaningful. You stand out from the crowd becuase you are not using the same old hum-drum phrases used by everyone else.

Net Quality Web Design Nottingham's Messages

So to illustrate this, let me tell you what we believe we can offer you:

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