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New Hucknall business centre is close to the home of Net Quality Web Design

I was reading a local newspaper's report on the future opening of the Byron Business centre in Hucknall. It was of interest to me because it is right behind the premises where I live and work. My property overlooks an old and dilapidated school which has been left to rack and ruin for the past 15 years or so. This is such a shame as it is an impressive old Victorian building. Now Ashfield District Council have bought the property which is situated on Vine Street and also has an entrance on Duke Street.

I hope the council make a good job of this building as it could provide much needed commercial employment in a very needy town centre. Office space is rare in Hucknall and should this scheme succeed it could make an enormous difference.

So many changes and challenges for this small town

Hucknall is a town in transformation. Only 25 years ago, the whole economy of the area relied on mining. Since the mine shut down, you could have forgiven the town for shutting down too but far from it. The enterprising people of Hucknall have made sure it is a community which continues to thrive today.

I am not trying to gloss over some very real problems. A significant number of the High Street retail units lie unoccupied and those that remain are struggling in the face of competition from big business. However, many high streets are suffering in this way. When you consider that the main source of income was taken away from Hucknall all those years ago, it is impressive that any of the retail units is occupied,

This is an enterprising town. With so many small business owners (a great place for a web designer to place themselves) around, it is an exciting time to be doing business in Hucknall. So I hope that this new office development succeeds and is only part of what is a great recovery from a great economic blow that still feels very recent to the residents and business owners of Hucknall.

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