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One Search Engine Optimisation Secret That Everybody Should Know

Those of you who know a little about search engine optimisation will quickly realise that what I am about to reveal is far from being a secret. However, in my experience there are enough people out there who do not realise this simple truth that I felt it important to broadcast it as loudly as possible.

The Secret is Here:

The secret is simple. If you want your website to appear on the search engines for "nifty widgets Nottingham" then you need to make sure that those words appear regularly in the natural text of your website throughout. So make sure that the phrase "nifty widgets Nottingham" appears in the title bar of your page, in headings and throughout the natural text.

What About Keyword Density?

No complicated mathematical calculations are required here. All you need to do is to ensure that the text you write reads sensibly to a human. Make your text relevant and readable to humans whilst mentioning "nifty widgets Nottingham" as much as you can and there is every chance Google will pick this up.

Stop Worrying About Obscure and Intricate Techniques

Search Engine Optimisation is not rocket science. Google constantly change their algorithms and calculations to try and bring the most relevant search results to their users. So if you try and beat them at heir own game, you will ultimately lose the battle. However, if you play along and try and make your website the most useful resource on information about "nifty widgets in Nottingham", you stand an excellent chance of appearing on page 1.

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