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How Much Does a Website CostWeb Design in Nottingham:  How much does a Business Website Cost?

Time and again this question comes up. We all want a bargain and certainly none of us wants to pay over the odds for anything, whether it is for a cup of tea, a barbecue or a small business website. However there are two things that need to be born in mind:

The answer, as expressed in the article How Much Should I Pay For My Website, is likened to the question “How long is a piece of string?” It then narrows down the question and suggests some ways of how to fix a budget for a website and how to chose a web designer for a business website design.

As a Nottingham Web Designer, I am proud of my work - I design great quality websites at great value prices. In addition, I love the varied aspects of my role, which frequently includes providing a quote for a new business website. This is where I get to talk to potential additional clients, and try and understand their individual business needs, before moving on to determining the cost of their Business Website. In this article, I would like to share some of the scenarios that I experience repeatedly during the estimation of how much a Business Website design will cost.

1) I have lots of friends in the business and I will bring in additional clients for you

It still surprises me how often I hear this phrase, or variations on it. I started designing business websites for small and medium companies over 10 years ago, and I have never had a client introduce more than one additional customer.

At first, I used to consider this offer very carefully, and in some early cases even reduced my prices to offer a low price web design. However over the years my experience has shown this to be non-profitable for both me and for the customer.

It is non-profitable for me as none of those who made this claim ever brought in additional clients. It is true that existing customers have talked about their satisfied experience and acted as ambassadors for our web design agency, however none of them ever promised they would or tried to use this as leverage to get discounted prices. They did this purely because they were impressed with the fantastic service we offered.

It is non-profitable for the customer as on every occasion when I did accept to offer discounted web design prices, I was annoyed with myself. Of course I always completed the websites professionally and gave the customer what we had agreed however I found myself less implicated in the project and less likely to go the extra mile.

To sum up, I find the ones who claim the most, do the least. Any reduction in price is therefore an automatic loss to my business, and I have stopped being influenced by this phrase as a factor in determining how much a business website costs.


2) My business venture will succeed massively and I want you to share a percentage

On the surface, this sounds great. In some cases, it may even be a smart move to accept. You will become a full business partner and share in the wealth generated by the business venture. In my experience however, very few start-up business ventures can provide the necessary income to satisfy both the original entrepreneur and yourself.

The majority of the clients we have helped through our Nottingham Web Design agency, whether by providing a full e-commerce website solution or by creating a simple, fast-track, on-line presence website, are still in business. However they have not made enough wealth to justify any claims of “succeeding massively”.

Again, in the early days of my web design career, I considered such offers and wandered if I had made the right choice in turning them down. However I no longer consider such offers as an opportunity, and these proposals have stopped having an impact on how much a business website should cost.


3) I’m just starting out and I don’t have a budget for my business website

A business website is essential for any modern business. It adds presence to any business organization and reassures potential customers that the business is serious. As such, it is essential there is a budget for it in any serious business plan.

Over the years I have come to realise that the people who claim they do not have a budget are those who tend to be not completely committed to their project. When Net Quality Web Design started to design business websites in Nottingham, we did not have a big budget. I therefore sympathise completely and totally understand that money can be tight at the start of any business venture.

Once again I would be moved by such pleas in the early days, and consider whether I could offer a cheap website design, however I soon came to realise that what I was offering was a great value website design, and that those who could not afford it were probably not going to be in their business for long. Like the other 2 points above, this request soon lost its appeal when I determine how much a business website should cost.


Concluding thoughts on how much does a business website cost

Everyone’s opinion is different. As stated at the top of this article, there will always be someone willing to provide a cheaper alternative, and there will always be someone hoping to provide a more expensive version.

The three above scenarios above have stopped having an impact for me as factors on how much a business website costs. There must therefore be other factors. For me, the most important one is the time required to create the website. As a reality check, if a website takes 2 days to create, then at £10 per hour, this equates to £160. However, as a professional web designer in Nottingham, I cannot afford to continue business on £10 per hour. Any potential businessman or client who expects a quality website for this price is one who is not serious.

Every potential small business website is therefore studied independently. As a guideline, we at Net Quality Web Design proudly display our small business website prices however we are always available to discuss any specific or bespoke requirements as we know that each business is unique, and that your business venture is specific to you.

Why not look through our small business website portfolio page and see what we have already accomplished - we then look forward to hearing from you to discuss exactly how much your unique business website will cost...

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