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So many things which are apparently unconnected may be revealed as being related and sharing a common process.

5 or 6 years ago I purchased my current house which has a small garden that I do not really use as it is in a pitiful state. Every time I step out into it, I see only mess. Recently I decided to do something about this and I am looking to hire a landscape artiste to plant grass, shrubs and trees; to replace the fences; and to transform an unsightly jungle into what should be an asset and a haven from daily stress.

The decision of which green-fingered expert to use in order to provide me with the garden of my dreams is exactly the same as choosing a Web Designer capable of providing the website of your dreams.


1) Location is important:

The Internet has helped reduced the importance on geographical limitations, but there will always be advantages to using someone local. Net Quality Web Design is a Nottingham Website Agency. Although we have successfully designed sites for people we have never met – all briefs, questions and answers, agreements and details were approved and shared by email, video conferencing or telephone - I always prefer face-to-face meetings. We are Nottingham web designers who will use our local knowledge to provide a first-class local service. In the same way, I can always hire someone for my garden from far away, but his daily commute may make him less motivated and less energized to meet the challenges of the daily tasks.

2) Agree the scope:

A redesign of a garden is like a website redesign - the sky is the limit. What I am looking for is someone who can work with me and who recognizes what must be done as a priority but who produces a result which can be built on as a solid foundation for future tasks. Currently I am agreeing on a new lawn and fence, and leaving the addition of a decking and brick barbecue to the future. It is imperative that this scope is understood both by me and by the person I am trusting to perform the work. In the same way, our Web Design agency ensures that the scope boundaries are understood by all stakeholders. All our website designs are coded using the latest standards and are optimized for efficiency and search engine optimization. This enables them to meet the expected, and agreed, scope but more importantly they can all be easily developed in the future to include new functionality, new menu options, new animations …


3) References count:

This is where past triumphs are showcased. Of the landscape artistes I received, I asked all to provide photos of past work – I was instantly suspicious of those who could not. Look at the portfolio or clients page of your potential web designer. You could (should?) contact some of them to see what they liked about the web agency and why they choose who they did. We at Net Quality pride ourselves that all our clients are also our ambassadors. We are not scared of what they have to say – in fact we actively encourage all potential clients to contact them as they will often offer better reasons why we should be chosen as your quality web design agency then we could ourselves!


4) You must have belief in him:

This is perhaps the most intangible, but in some way the most important, criteria. We are up against other web design agencies in Nottingham (i.e. the same location) that can agree and stick to the same scope and also who can show a comparable amount of references to prove they are up to the task. So how do you choose? Our main difference is that we care.

This difference is best summed up by our openness:

This is what I find myself looking for in the choice of my garden expert – he must be able to explain and justify his quote in detail, and not to be afraid of saying he is not up to certain tasks. I must believe he will do the job and do it for the price and deadline we agree.


Concluding thoughts on Web Design Nottingham and Kimberley Gardens:

The actual process I am using to determine who to transform my garden is identical to the one potential clients use to measure me as one of the founders of Net Quality Web Design and to measure my Nottingham Website Design Agency as a whole. By taking a step back and analyzing how I approach the selection, I have identified areas that could be improved in my professional offerings process. I have already set in motion changes based on what I have found positive about my selection experience. Never stop improving what you do, and look for unexpected, and what are at first sight unrelated, ways to see your business process in a new light – you may be surprised at the results.

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