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Do not dictate your customers' choices

There is something you used to see a lot on websites back in the 1990s. It was that awful phrase "this site is best viewed in this resolution with that browser". Can you believe it? Website designers were actually telling you what your screen resolution should be and not only that they wanted to dictate which web browser you should use.

Thankfully it is very rare to see it these days but to a certain extent, it is still happening.

For example, I use Internet banking and with that I am not able to use my favourite web browser Opera. They insist that I use either Internet Explorer or Firefox. Inevitably, I do not wish to use Internet Explorer for my Internet banking because of all of the security issues. Therefore I only have one choice.

Why do others not support all browsers? Because they are lazy!

So why do they not develop a web service that can be used in all browsers? In my view, it is sheer laziness on behalf of the developer. Each web browser is slightly different than the others and will have its own quirks. However, they are much closer now than they have ever been.

If you have an ecommerce website from Net Quality, we provide you with a control panel that allows you to update your products and prices. We never will, and never should, dictate to you which web browser you should use. In fact, that goes for all of the websites and web services developed by Net Quality. All our websites work equally well in all modern web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and more. This is the minimum that you should expect from your web developer because, to be frank, it is very easy to accomplish.

The exception to the rule

Despite everything I have said, I feel it important to point out in the interests of honesty that there is one web browser for which we do not provide support. That is Internet Explorer, version 6. This browser was introduced in 2001 and in terms of the Internet, that makes it positively ancient. It is widely acknowledged to be a very poor version of the web browser and is now supported by very few major websites. Most notably, Google no longer support it.

We took this decision because we believe the effort required to support this archaic web browser in full, would push web design costs too high and for very little return (less than 1% of users still use version 6).

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