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What Constitutes Good Web Design?

An Article by Net Quality Web Design Nottingham

Web Design is a strange old business!  If you are a driving instructor you have a simple objective that you and your customer both understand.  To get them to pass their driving test.

If you are a Dentist the same rule applies.  Both you and your client want their pain taken away and their teeth looking good.

If we as consumers use either of these or one of many other professions, we can easily measure how well they have done.

However, how can you measure how good a Web Designer is?  Certainly if a site downloads quickly and is easy to use that is a good start.  You may also think that the site looks great only to have a friend say to you "I saw your website the other day.  Don't you think your designer could have made it look a bit better?"

Before you give your Web Designer the go ahead,
ask friends and relatives what they think

The truth is that people's tastes vary.  We all have our favourite colours, our favourite fonts and we have our own ideas about how a good layout should look.

Therefore, before you authorise any work, make sure that not just you and your designer like the site, ask friends relatives and customers their opinion too.  It is surprising the ideas that come out of such an exercise.  It also boosts your confidence when you get positive feedback.  When someone tells you they think your website looks great it gives you a surprisingly wonderful feeling!

At Net Quality we are very proud of our designs.
We wish you could see "under the bonnet" too!

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