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Colour psychology and websites

The hardest part of my job is not all the technical stuff. Yes it was difficult to learn and took me a long time but I have learned it now and that side of the job is relatively easy. No, the really hard part is when I have been commissioned to create a new website and I am sitting in front of a blank screen trying to decide how this website is going to look.

A crucial part of this process is to think about the colours I am going to use. I have done some research on this and here is what i have found that colours tend to suggest from a psychological point of view:

Don't forget that contrast is also important

This list should hopefully give you some ideas for when you are thinking about how your new website should look. Decide where in these categories your business falls and this should help psychologically describe your business before your customers have even read the content.

However, please also remember that contrast is also important wherever text resides on your page so that your visitors can read the content. So dark writing on a light background or light writing on a dark background is a must.

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