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What to look for in a web hosting company

Once a website has been designed and is ready to be published, it is necessary to find web hosting for that site. This is a service, in common with all web designers, which is provided by Net Quality. Choosing the right web host is just as important as choosing the right web designer.

So what features should you look for in a web host? Here are what we consider to be the most important elements:

1. The web server must be in the UK

Although having a web host based in another country will not completely ruin your chances of doing well on the search engines, it can have a marked effect. Google and other search engines will naturally show a slight bias towards websites that are hosted in the country from where the search query came. Do not worry about the choice between and .com domain names, it is the location of the web server that is important.

2. Download capacity is important

This is a difficult measure if your business has not had a website before. If this is the case, then 1 GIG per month is usually sufficient for most businesses with a new website so that is the minimum capacity you should seek.

3. The web host's technology should match the website's technology

If your website has been designed by a professional web designer, they will be able to tell you exactly what technology your web server should support. If it is just simple HTML pages then this is easy. However, any interactive functions, even a simple contact form will dictate what technology should be supported by the web host.

4. Do not go for the cheapest web host

Going for cheap web hosting can turn out to be a false economy. If your website goes down and the support of the web hosting company is lacking, this could seriously damage your business. Look for web hosts with a reputation for reliability and excellent support

Net Quality Can Host All Types of Website

We can host websites that support all current web technologies. We also provide excellent local support in the Nottingham area by telephone and by email. As an independent web designer, we can also choose from whom we hire the web servers and change supplier if we feel that service is lacking. This means we can ensure great reliability for your business website.

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