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Why Does My Successful Business Need a Website?

How to Build on Success!
Small Businesses in Nottingham

Many small businesses in the UK still do not have a website.  So if you are already running a successful business without a website, why have one?

Through the use of careful Web Design, Net Quality have been particularly successful in optimising Websites for search engines.  In order to achieve this we have carried out much research.  One fact we discovered was quite surprising:

One of the most common search terms surfers use is the name of the business itself!

For example, Arena Hair are one of our customers and they are doing very well on the search engines with terms such as "leading hairdresser" and "hairdresser nottingham".  However, many of their visitors have used the term "arena hair nottingham" to find the site!

Yes that's right!  There could be customers out there who already know your business and are interested in your products and/or services and will use the name of your business to find a website.  Put simply, people expect any modern business to have their own website.

So no matter how successful your business is, you could still benefit from having a presence on the Internet.  Even if you simply consider it as a courtesy to your existing customers.

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