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Your website reflects your business

With so many aspects of business, our standards are very high. This is natural because we want the outside world to view our businesses as an honest, reliable and professional outfit and everything that is put out into the world represents your business whether it be the sign above your shop, your business card or your website.

In my experience, many business owners either place little importance on their website and often look for the cheapest way of creating it or they brush it aside as it is something they do not understand. In my view, to do so is a mistake.

Your website is often the first new customers see of you. When you have been thinking about buying a product or service, have you not looked them up on Google first? Even if you haven't, you can bet many of your customers will be doing exactly this. If the first thing they say is a poorly designed website and gives the impression it was designed by the business owner's 15 year old nephew, it can put people off straight away. Most customers are far more perceptive than you think and in an instant can decide whether they think you are a professional company or not just by the appearance of your web pages.

Seek professional help

Most business owners employ an accountant. It is something they can do themselves but it usually pays to have an expert submit your returns. Most business owners go to specialist agencies to help in the design of leaflets and catalogues. Again, this is something they can do themselves but know that the results will be far better if a professional does it for them.

So it should also be with your website. Look for a professional web designer to take control of the important aspects of your website and benefit from their experience as to what does and does not work in the design of that site.

The major difference between a web designer and an accountant is that anyone can set themselves up as a web designer, no qualifications are required. Happily, there is a way you can check on a web designer's credentials and that is to visit their portfolio page. It should contain links to real life websites to give you an idea of their skills. So why not pop over to our portfolio page today and see what you think of our skills?

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